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At Smart choice, we ARE different from the rest! We care so much about our customers that we built our rent to own Program to focus on two key pieces. First, by providing a shorter term on our rent to own agreements, it allows our customer to own their products easier and faster and for less money. The second key, was building a rent to own Program that gives our customers the ability to buy out their rent to own agreement early and at the lowest possible rate.

Besides the fact that we offer exceptional customer service throughout the entire Smart choice experience, our friendly team is knowledgeable about our products and services. Our team members make it easy to make the best purchase for your specific home. We guarantee that by shopping with us, you are making the Smart choice!

One of the greatest benefits Smart choice can provide is: We are the ONLY furniture leasing company that can help your credit score! With this optional service, we make it easy for your payments on that new TV to actually benefit you. The Smart choice Credit Recovery Program is designed to help you establish or re-establish your credit while enjoying your purchase in your home- all at the same time!  <Find out How>

At Smart choice we take pride in our products and services. We offer quality name brand furniture like Ashley Furniture, Samsung Electronics, Dell Computers and appliances and mattresses for your home at affordable rent to own prices. We have flexible and easy low payment options with the shortest terms. We offer our customers the option to buy out their contract at any point for a lower price than offered by any of our competitors! We want you to own your furniture sooner and for the best price!

At Smart choice, Everyone Is Approved! No credit is needed!  We can help you leave those past credit issues behind.

Smart choice has stores in Ottawa, Kitchener and Hamilton. With our unique combination of easy, affordable rates and everyone being approved, we are sure to answer your home furnishing needs. We encourage you to shop at any of our competitors in Canada including: Easyhome, Rent a Centre, Aaron’s and National rent to own. After doing this, we are certain you will agree that making the SMART CHOICE is really the best decision for you! We guarantee that you will have low payments, own it fast, and pay less- all while having the opportunity to improve your credit score!