Samsung Mini Audio System

Model# MX-HS6800

Term 104 weeks
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Football Mode brings the stadium to you

Capture all the excitement of the stadium with Football Mode, which optimizes the sound so you can truly experience the roaring cheer of the crowd with the Stadium function or the match commentary with the Announcer function. It’s easy: simply connect the Mini to your TV wirelessly using TV Sound Connect and switch on Football Mode. You can even turn on fun lighting and sound effects that add to the excitement. Just push the hot key on the remote control and it’s like you’re actually there at the big game.

You can be the DJ and rock the party

Make sure everyone remembers your party. Anyone can be the DJ with the new Samsung Mini. It has more than double the effects offered by earlier models. Not only can you use flanger, chorus, wahwah and panning, but also tremolo, fuzz, phaser and slapback. Control the tempo with the DJ jog dial and remove breaks between tracks with Non-Stop Music Relay to play your music seamlessly. Dance Time plays the Mini’s own built-in dance music without an external audio source, complete with spectacular lighting.

Activate the speakers using your phone

Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you can use your smartphone to turn your speakers on remotely. Pair the speakers and your smartphone once, and you can quickly and easily power on your speakers by selecting them on your smartphone. It’s that simple. As long as the speakers are plugged into a power source, you can wake it up with just one touch and enjoy high quality audio.




  • Number of Speaker 2
  • Channel 2.2 ch
  • Front Speaker Power
  • 525 W
  • Subwoofer Driver Size 8"
  • Front Speaker Driver Size 8"

Basic Feautre

  • Disc Capacity CD
    Number of Disc 1
    Display VFD
    Deck Type Tray
    Speaker Type (Open/Grille) Grille
    Folder/ File Search Yes
    File Delete Yes
    Search Jog Yes
    Dimmer/Display key Dimmer, Display
    Timer/Clock/Sleep Timer, Clock, Sleep
    Demo Yes
    Radio Rec Timer Yes
    Giga Sound Yes
    Front LED Speaker No
    Subwoofer LED Speaker Yes
    LED Flash Volume No
    Beat Waving Yes
    3D Beat Lighting Yes
    DJ Beat Yes
    Booting Sound Yes
    Frequency Response Yes
    EZ MP3 Maker Yes
    Crystal Amplifier Plus Yes
    Auto Change Yes

Audio Feautre

  • Dolby Digital Yes
    Football Mode Yes
    MP3 Enhancer Yes
    Power Bass No
    Non-stop Music Relay Yes
    Dance Time Yes
    Tempo Yes
    Goal Effect Yes
    CD Program Yes
    USB Program Yes
    User EQ Yes
    Local EQ Yes
    Genre EQ Yes
    Virtual Sound Yes


  • Net Dimension (Set) (WxHxD) 451 x 220 x 304 mm
    Net Dimension (Front Speaker) (WxHxD) 362 x 662 x 331 mm
    Package Dimension (Speaker) (WxHxD) 772 x 736 x 438 mm
    Number of Pack 2


  • Net Weight (Set) 4.44 kg
    Net Weight (Front Speaker) 15.4 kg