Covering What Mattress

BedCare Smooth Sleep 200 provides your customers with a smooth sleep every night of their stay, thanks to our unique fabric's superior construction, absorbency and breathability. Plus our innovative protection technologies deliver the secure, healthy sleep customer count on while lowering your pest control, housekeeping and bed replacement costs. Keep your mattress stellar, and your reputation too, with the Smooth Sleep 200 family of products



Allergy Shield

Defends against dust mites and allergens which cause allergic reactions and irritate asthma sufferers

Wet Block Technology

100% Waterproof Protection from accidental spills, strains and perspiration

BedCare Shield

Dream Seal Bug Block

Smooth Sleep 200 product that feature this technology combine Patented zipper technology to prevent bed bugs from entering and exiting Unique locking mechanism Bite-proof protection on mattress encasement and pillow encasement Smooth Sleep 200 mattress encasements are easy to install fully machine-washable and come with our trusted warranty

BedCare Shield