Appliance Rental

Are you renovating your kitchen or laundry room, and contemplating the addition of a sleek new appliance or appliance set to your re-invented or made-over space - but you have limited funds? Or would you like to purchase a new one, but you have had to put the ‘freeze ‘on or stop ‘burning’ your budget? Consider a SMART choice in appliance rentals, when you choose from our wide range of a rental or rent-to-own options.

SMART Choice appliance rentals feature convenient and dependable space and energy saving options– and will ease your budget and their affordability. Find a range of well-suited appliance rentals - including refrigerators, stoves, fridge and stove combinations, freezer options and laundry appliances. And our appliance rentals feature the latest models from Frigidaire and White Westinghouse, and the Affinity Series.

For you laundering needs, choose appliance rentals from our selection of front-and-top loading or side by side and stackable laundry units. Your space saving laundry appliance will help keep your laundry room organized, as it can be accommodated easily to your space. And with their unique energy saving features, our laundry appliance rentals can be run daily, or as often as you need. 

And you will get more for your money and make the most of your delicious food with our kitchen appliance rentals. Don’t let good food spoil and go to waste with SMART spacious and energy saving stoves, refrigerators or partnered units, and upright and cube-style freezers.

Continue on with your daily routine in the upkeep of your home, while you juggle the dozen other responsibilities of your day. You may be surprised by an untimely appliance repair – but with SMART Choice appliance rentals you need not be inconvenienced by the absence of your much-needed kitchen or laundry appliance. Make the most of your day - and with utmost efficiency - with appliance rentals from SMART Choice. Make and spend more time with your family – and save your money.

SMART Choice furniture and appliance rent and rent-to-own options include kitchen and laundry appliance rentals. You are guaranteed to find a range of appliances in styles to suit your needs, and room space. 

Preserve your food and your budget with SMART Choice appliance rentals. Get SMART – navigate our site and then visit our store to see the latest in technology and availability in affordable, reliable appliance rentals. Take a closer look at the individual and detailed specifications, and ask questions of our friendly, knowledgeable staff as you need.  Warm up to a healthy, home cooked meal made with fresh food – and experience a cleaner ‘clean’ in your laundry, with our SMART rent and rent to own options in appliance rentals